Rise is a flexible programme in which you are awarded points for engaging in all sorts of enrichment experiences.

When you have earned 300 points, you will be eligible to claim a recognition on your degree transcript and even additional credits for your efforts.


Spend ten self-directed hours exploring an interdisciplinary topic


Respond to challenges posed by partners from the city region


Attend one off events on a range of themes and topics


Participate in mobilities, collaborations and placements

Get Started Now

Before you do anything else, you need to complete our introductory intensive. It’ll take no longer than half an hour, and will help you to understand and better engage with our offer.

Once completed, you can start to access our other intensives, events and opportunities. You’ll also be awarded your first 10 Rise Points.

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Rise Opportunities

Through Rise, you will gain points for completing various different parts of oru

Your Intensives:

Intensives are the building-blocks of the Rise programme. They are self-enrolled, flexible opportunities to expand your horizons. You can find out more, and sign up for intensives, through our main site.

Here are the intensive you’re currently engaged with:

0 / 300 POINTS

Complete more intensives, activities and events to earn 300 points and achieve eligibility to claim recognition and/or credits.

Your Portfolio

All participants are given up to five ‘pages’ on which to showcase project work and other responses. You can learn more here

Here are your current pages: