Work Plan for 2020/21


Focus energies on the learning pathways

  • Iterate existing interdisciplinary core themes with an emphasis on Quality and Faculty involvement/representation
  • Commissioning limited additional to enhance breadth, to include
    • Carbon Literacy
    • Challenging Structural Inequity
    • Mastering Data
  • Support a larger hinterland of 8-hour specialisms tasters/skills masterclasses which be discipline-based, to include;
    • Staff contributions
    • Student peer-to-peer courses
  • Extend the range of regionally-contributed project challenges.
  • Clarify and communicate the learning journey, including theoretically and through publication

Better Devolve Non-Pathway Activities

  • Online Languages fully devolved to department
  • Placements devolved to careers team
  • Research internships coordinated with the RKE office
  • Faculty-level projects and activities

Continue to enable a June programme

  • Learning Pathways dovetail into a June festival
  • Focus for short placements and internships
  • Languages intensive (possibly with evening class alternative)

Bolster richness in the student offer as part of Covid response.

  • Continue to open to the full student body
  • Operate May and October submission points for accreditation to enable in-year and advanced over-crediting


  • Engage Faculties to invite