Working Together for Firm Foundations – School Readiness in Greater Manchester

Engage in social research to understand children’s experiences of starting school

Key Information
  • Work with researchers and communities to understand an educational and social issue
  • Gain experience of working on research with families and young children
  • Commitment you will negotiate participation with researchers, but expect to work between 26th May and 19th June
  • Host AcademicProfessor Deborah James
  • Two positions are available
Detailed Information

Across the world, more resources are being directed to support very young children to be ‘ready for school’. However, there are many different understandings among policy makers about how this objective should be achieved. In addition, the views, experiences and meanings of communities, front-line professionals, parents/carers and young children themselves about ‘being ready for school’ have been little researched. This project aims to explore with these groups of people what they understand by the term ‘school readiness’ and what they think it means to be ready for school. This is likely to included working with a small group of parents and/or young children to co-design a range of activities that would enable us to explore their views and experiences of starting school.

This project would suit students with experience of (or an interest in developing experience) families with young children.