Understanding Student Portfolios

As a registered user of Rise you can create up to five pages of your own. The purpose of these pages is to communicate ideas and project responses, and once they are published, they are shared as part of our broader student showcase.

If you are intending to claim recognition or credits for your engagement, you will need to create at least one of these pages along the way.

These pages are meant to be holding spaces for links to content elsewhere, and what you can do with them is limited. You can create and format text, and embed links to media hosted elsewhere on the internet (such as Adobe Spark, Youtube and imgBB) – but you can’t upload media directly to the server.

Creating and Editing Pages
  1. Visit your dashboard and look at the ‘portfolio’ section.
  2. Click ‘Add New’ to create a showcase (you can do this for up to five pages, after which, you’ll need to repurpose an existing page).
  3. Alternatively, click ‘edit’ next to an existing showcase
  4. Save your page as a draft until you’re ready to share it – at which point, click ‘submit for review’
Using Gutenberg Blocks

When you first create a showcase page, you’ll be given a quick walkthrough of the editor used in wordpress. You can also watch the following video:

Important: Link to Content Hosted Elsewhere

In order to ensure that our pages stay secure, you will only be able to create, edit and format text – and create links and embed media from other sites. You can’t upload media directly.