The Struggle

My frustrations with Zoom and my lack of technological expertise led to some stress. You may empathise with this! I did not give up though. For example, I had completed an online poetry course as part of my knowledge development for the project, which contained online videos. I was thinking that this may be appropriate for my own poetry resources, as a way to mimic live contact. Then, I had a fruitful ideation session with my mentor, ideation being a key aspect of design thinking (Stevens, 2020). It emphasised something which I did not know: that I could record myself on Skype and that people could access my video links. Also, despite my technology restrictions, we generated the idea of using a text (as opposed to video) discussion platform such as Adobe Connect. This would ensure that I personally connected with my workshop participants at this difficult time, after they had experienced the exercises. So, I learnt to follow through on my hunches and to value another’s input.
Details of the ideation session

I also continued this idea of ensuring good connection with my workshop participants by employing another’s aid. Specifically, I also used my work as a mental health peer group leader to allow me to deliver a workshop in person, which can be better than using Zoom. It is easier, as you know, to see what everyone is doing and to form deep connections. This idea was suggested by my manager. I am sure that you have all experienced a solution right in front of you which you could not identify because you were so focused on the guidelines that you had been given (in this case, producing an online workshop)! That is where another’s perspective is incredibly valuable.
Pictorial representation on gaining a new perspective