The 1945 Pan-African Congress: Using Research to Educate

Develop educational resources from your own historical research

Key Information
  • Engage in archival work on the 1945 Pan-African Congress
  • Collaborate on developing teaching resources based on primary and secondary research
  • Commitment you will negotiate participation with researchers, but expect to work between 26th May and 19th June
  • Host AcademicProfessor Helen Laville
  • Six positions are available
  • Open to all, but particularly suitable for students with a background in education or history
Detailed Information

The Pan-African Congress was held in Manchester in 1945, and the University has access to a broad range of archive material which will be shared to mark the 75th anniversary this year.

This project involves working with this archive material to engage in research, and producing texts and images that can be used by school children to learn about the Congress. Students will work both independently and as a group, either in person or online, to develop resources , and will be mentored by academics through the process.