Study Success Accelerator

Master the skills and techniques needed to maximise your academic potential.

Key Information
  • Step up to your next year of study – to accelerate your study success
  • Maximise your potential reflect on your study approach and work on new techniques to succeed in your assignments
  • Flexible learning – delivered through a range of workshops, 1:1 sessions and online support materials
  • Commitment – 10am-3pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, between 26 May and 4 June
Detailed Information

Ever wondered how to develop your assignments to achieve a better mark? Are you already thinking about how you will step-up for your next year of study? Our Study Success Accelerator is designed for students who want to maximise their potential in their academic studies.  

With this Third Term activity, you will have the opportunity to reflect and explore your own approaches to study, including considering why you approach things the way you do, and begin planning for your next year. We will examine the effectiveness of your study techniques, help you understand what markers are looking for in your work, and will be recommending new approaches and ideas for responding to assignments, to ultimately help you step-up to your next year of study:

  • Reflect on your studies and think about what motivates you
  • Gain insight into what markers are looking for in your assessed work
  • Develop your research and reading skills to increase your productivity
  • Sharpen your writing ability, so you write with meaning and impact
  • Your experience will culminate with an ‘ask the marker’ opportunity, and to work in pairs to present on your experiences and learnings