Social Media @ LADBible

Showcase your passion for sourcing, writing and interviews with social media and entertainment social publisher.

Key Information
  • LADBible Group provides news, entertainment and community to a global audience of young people
  • Develop your skills – sourcing and writing stories, researching and carrying out interviews
  • Gain insight – into what it’s like to work at LADBible by shadowing journalists/editorial staff on daily duties
  • Commitment – 2 weeks In May and June, dates negotiable working at LADBible group in Manchester
  • 3 places available
Detailed Information

Founded in 2012, LADbible Group’s global community engages with content–spanning editorial, video, documentary and live. Using all major platforms, they have become one of the web’s most prominent social video publishers.

With this Third Term placement, you will have the opportunity to showcase your passion for social media by creating content and campaigns that genuinely interest audiences, placed in social environments they love.

The placement would be on the editorial team at LADbible, working on trending and longer form written content.

You would get an understanding of how LADbible approaches content and how it serves its audience of more than 40 million people across social platforms.

Duties will include:

  • Sourcing and writing stories
  • Researching
  • Carrying out interviews
  • Shadowing journalists/editorial staff on daily duties
  • There may also be opportunities on the video team and SportBible
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