SharpFutures Internship: Marketing Manchester

Develop technical and business skills, and work remotely hosted by the exciting Sharp Project

Due to COVID-19, delivery of the programme has slightly changed and is outlined below:

Key Information
  • Suitable for all – improve your skills in a supportive environment alongside students from any degree subject 
  • Step outside campus – with online learning, and working remotely
  • Real-world learning – work on marketing a bookable experience and bring it to life for people in Manchester 
  • Learn how to sell – develop your ideas in teams before presenting to a panel 
  • Awards – gain external recognition in the form of a Bronze iDEA Award 
  • Commitment – 29 May and 19 June – with group work either 1-5 June or the 8-12 June 10am-4pm. You will then work on projects in teams until the presentation on 19 June.
Detailed Information

Manchester has one of the most vibrant digital sectors in Europe. From marketing and e-commerce, to game design and content production, the sector is growing at an incredible rate whatever your interests. It is creating a strong employment market, and employers are interested in students from all disciplines – the ability to think creatively and work collaboratively is sometimes more important than specific degrees.   

This Third Term activity enables you to learn how to “sell” an experience which you develop. These skills put you in great stead to work in digital marketing, but all industries need you to “sell” something whether it be an idea, a product or even yourself: 

  • Develop transferable skills through online learning, which can be accessed according to your availability (15 hours of self-study), completed before the beginning of June 
  • Spend a week working with The Sharp Project, learning a range of skills such as marketing concepts, budgeting and developing your ideas in teams 
  • Work with your team to polish your idea, ready to present to a panel on 19 June 
Group Information

There will be two groups working remotely with the Sharp Project in different weeks and focusing on different areas. Accepted applicants will receive further information to confirm dates shortly.

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