Set our Students A Challenge

As part of our continuing effort to re-purpose the Third Term offer in the current context, we’re looking for external advocates to set our students challenges in a number of themes.

The Manchester Met Third Term Programme is an innovative new approach to undergraduate education. It encourages students to step outside of their degrees and work across discipline boundaries and to engage with organisations and communities beyond the university. The current need to maintain social distancing has disrupted our original plans … but we’re working to make sure a positive and productive offer can be salvaged!

As part of these plans, we’re looking for ‘advocates’ to pose a challenge to our students. These should be authentic and respond particularly to genuine opportunities or problems (globally, nationally and particularly in the city-region of Greater Manchester). We’re looking for things that ask for interdisciplinarity, challenges which can be approached from different directions utilizing a wide range of tools to respond rather than responding to a specific area or pathway. Which push students – but they also need to be deliverable in the context of an individual student working at home over summer. And if they can create some social value or good, all the better!

We need advocates who are willing to provide short (2-3 minute, amateurishly produced!) videos and help with direction to the context students will need to respond. Hopefully, we can invite you to join us to celebrate the student response when all of this is over…

You can find out more information through one of the following links:

How does it work for students?

What does an advocate brief look like?

Contact us to discuss an idea.