Review of chatbots for learning technology

Analyse the features of open-source chatbot technologies for their use in educational settings.

Key Information
  • Work with researchers to learn about chatbots and how they can interact with learners
  • Develop independent research skills and enhance your academic writing.
  • Write an academic conference paper to demonstrate your findings
  • Commitmentexpect to work between the 26th May and 19th June, with some negotiation of times and days with your host
  • Host AcademicDr Annabel Latham
  • One position is available, suitable for a student with an interest in technology in education.
Detailed Information

The research project involves reviewing freely available chatbot technology (e.g. Python chatbotAI libraries, A.L.I.C.E./AIML) and analysing and comparing their features in relation to the development of conversational intelligent tutoring systems (CITS). You will work with researchers in CITS to learn about the requirements for intelligent interactions with learners, and the technical features required to successfully develop CITS. You will then research available chatbots and review their applicability to CITS, creating a written report in the form of an academic conference paper.

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