Revere 3D

Plan a social media campaign for a creative agency working in the property sector.

Due to COVID-19, delivery of the programme has slightly changed and is outlined below:

Key Information
  • Revere 3D – an integrated VR and creative agency focused on the property industry
  • Get experience – working remotely with a startup business focusing on a range of sectors
  • Commitment – first 2 weeks of June, working online
  • 1 place available
Detailed Information

Revere 3D provide the UK’s leading property developers with immersive, content-rich marketing experiences. Their expertise integrating design, 3D and VR helps clients raise market awareness, improve customer experience and increase sales.

This Third Term placement is for those interested in business, architecture and digital marketing. Whether you have an interest in those areas, or are considering a future career in those industries, you will gain an insight into how a business is run and how they work with customers and clients. This understanding is invaluable, whatever sector you choose to work in:

  • Learn how a local startup business operates
  • Develop a commercial understanding to benefit your career
  • Plan and develop a social media campaign for the company
Additional Information

You will be given a £30 stipend to cover travel costs on the completion of your activity.