Render Historical Artefacts in Virtual Realities

Use the latest technologies to create immersive experiences of artefacts.

Key Details
  • Develop your skills – in working with cutting-edge technology
  • Make a difference – improve public access and engagement with historical artefacts
  • Suitable for all – no prior experience of using AR or VR is required
  • Commitment – at least six hours from the 11th, 12th, 25th, 26th or 27th May, and every Thursday and Friday between 4 and 19 June
Detailed Information

Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies are creating new ways of engaging with historical artefacts. They allow scholars to share intricate models of collections across geographical boundaries – and for those collections to be available in new ways to the public. Through this Third Term activity, you will experience some of the possibilities of these technologies – and at the same time, develop some transferable skills and technical insight relevant to a thriving creative and digital sector in Greater Manchester.

In this you will support Dr Ben Edwards in Laser-Scanning artefacts from the collections at Manchester Museum, in order to create a suite of 3D models. You will then work to explore ways of using virtual and augmented reality technologies to create opportunities to broaden engagement with the artefacts – whether by other undergraduates as a learning resource, or by children or the general public. You will be supported in this with workshops and tutorial on using these technologies, and by expert advice from Ancient Historian Dr Jenny Cromwell.

This activity is particularly suited to students of History, however it may also be relevant to students in other disciplines with an interest in AR/VR or Education.

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