Our Alternative Third Term

The original ambition of the Manchester Met Third Term programme was to encourage our students to collaborate on campus and in external settings in creative ways, across disciplinary boundaries and, significantly, in person. Our expansive offer of 2,000 student opportunities which reflected these priorities has been derailed by the need to protect our communities through social distancing. But the interest from students in this offer has been overwhelming and positive, and it feels that now, more than ever, is a time in which purposeful use of this third term period is apt. So we have worked quickly to reposition the offer into something online and flexible, with vastly increased capacity, whilst maintaining our commitments to external engagement and productive project work…

One of the best things that any person can do to enhance their wellbeing and protect their mental health is to keep learning. So well done; by the very merit of your continued studentship, you’re doing the right thing. But these are challenging times for us all, and confinement creates challenges in accessing organised impetus to learn – and we are sure that our students are itching to re-engage, to use this space to further themselves and maintain their learning.

Flexible and Interdisciplinary Online-Only Learning Pathways

And so, we bring to you a simple proposition; keep learning. Use some of this time, as long as you are well and not caring for others, to take yourself in a new direction. To support you, we have taken our Third Term Programme, with its emphasis on problem solving, personal resilience, external engagement and interdisciplinarity, and transformed its key themes into flexible, online-only opportunities to maintain learning in;

  • Understanding and Supporting Wellbeingengage with the key principles surrounding mental health, fitness, and wellbeing, and put these into context in Greater Manchester
  • Educating and Engaging Others – develop your understanding of education in formal and informal contexts, and apply these ideas through creating educational resources
  • Design Thinking for Social Goodcome up with creative solutions to real social problems by applying design methodology and tools
  • Confidence in Codingdevelop the fundamentals of coding from scratch, and apply this to solve real problems
  • Digital Communications and Creative Projectsbuild your ability to tell stories using digital tools, and put this creative power into action

Each pathway introduces you to core ideas, a range of practical skills, and sets a range of challenges for you to respond to, responses that we will showcase online at the end of the summer. Our pathways have no limits on their capacity and can be engaged with at any point from the 1st June 2020 to the end of summer. They are designed to cut across disciplines and are accessible to students of any subject.

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An Expanded Languages Offer

We have invested to rapidly expand our Uniwide Languages offer to 350 places across a range of languages, studied entirely through a webinar format. Places on this offer are limited on a first-come-first-served basis, so you are advised to apply quickly

All places on this offer have now been allocated

Have a Positive Impact in a Time of Coronavirus

We have re-purposed some of our offer to enable students to provide outreach to support welfare whilst people are isolated at home. These activities, which are starting now, are in two themes:

  • Online befriending and social support programme in partnership with Mind in which students maintain contact with isolated individuals
  • A creativity for wellbeing activity, in which students will develop and implement outreach activities focused on Arts and Poetry.

These activities will start immediately and students will receive expert mentorship throughout. They will then follow one of the online pathways (see above) to complete their Third Term Programme.

All places on this offer have now been allocated, however related themes are explored through our learning pathways.

Boost Your Employability, Enhance Success

As with our original Third Term offer, our new proposition is closely aligned to employability pipelines to the city, so you can use this opportunity to enhance your career prospects. If your course is eligible for third term credits (click here to check), you can also write a reflective account of your learning and add additional credits to your degree. But most of all, we hope you will take this as an opportunity to embrace the value of learning for its own sake, and for the sake of your own health and wellbeing.

Yours faithfully

Prof. Helen Laville, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Education)

Dr. Mark Peace, Director of the Third Term