Promote Digital Skills

Use your digital skills and confidence to support others in the local community.

Key Information
  • Make a positive impact – by advocating and supporting others in digital literacy
  • Flexible learning – a mix of online training, on-campus sessions from Barclays and the Careers service, and outreach
  • Commitment – Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 26 May and 19 June
Detailed Information

The ability to work with digital technologies is an increasingly important feature not just in employment, but in the ability to engage fully in society. As more and more opportunities move into the digital sector, a lack of confidence and skill in this area can leave people marginalised, with serious consequences for their wellbeing.

This Third Term activity will enables you to participate through the university in the Barclays Digital Eagles campaign intended to promote digital literacy and its benefits across all sections of society. It will also support Greater Manchester’s newly launched Digital Blueprint which has an aspiration to ensure that the benefits of an increasingly digital city are felt by its whole population.

The activity will involve some online training, and on-campus sessions from Barclays, the careers service and others to ensure that you are able to work with others in an impactful way. You will then accrue 20 hours of outreach experience putting this experience into practice. We will put you in touch with organisations with whom you can volunteer, and you must gain 20 hours of experience flexibly before September.

Group Information

In applying for this activity students will be asked for a preference for group allocations. These groups relate to the area of outreach you would like to specialise in:

  • Group A: Supporting employability. Students in this group will support Job-seekers in developing basic digital literacy which might otherwise act as a barrier to employment. You will be provided with addition training from the Careers service to support you in working effectively in this role.
  • Group B: Empowering Older Citizens. Students in this group will work with older people to overcome isolation and digital marginalisation by developing skills in a socially supportive context. You will combine your basic Digital Eagles training with a two day befriending course to enhance your ability to offer social support.

If you have already completed the Digital Eagles opportunity you may be able to claim credit for the experience through Group C of the Student Negotiated Pathway without additional work.

Additional Information

Students who successfully complete this opportunity will be paid a £40 stipend to cover travel expenses.

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