Podcasting Bootcamp

Learn how to create and record your own podcast exploring a social issue you are passionate about. 

Key Information
  • Suitable for all – open to students from all degree subjects and levels of experience 
  • Develop your skills – learn the technical and creative elements of podcast creation, from narrative planning to producing and editing 
  • Create your own podcast – as a team on a social issue you care about 
  • Get time in the studio – experience working in The Federation tech space in the city centre, recording in their podcast studio 
  • Commitment – workshops and recording on Mondays and Thursdays from the 28th May to the 18th June as well as additional activities on Friday 29th May and Friday 19th June and an additional recording day on the 9th or 10th June, with a flexible schedule to develop your podcast idea with your team around these activities.
Detailed Information

Podcasting is big business and a booming industry. With 7.1 million weekly UK listeners, podcasts are a great way to reach out to a large audience to explore social issues. With this Third Term Activity, podcasting can help you to develop your technical and creative skills with new equipment to master and script writing to experiment with:

  • Develop transferable skills through online learning, which can be accessed according to your availability (15 hours of self-study), completed before the beginning of June 
  • Engage with a series of workshops delivered at The Federation tech space in Manchester by industry experts 
  • Learn the introductions to podcasting, content planning, recording and editing 
  • Work in teams to develop your own podcast on a social issue of your choice with drop-in support from a podcasting expert available 
  • Record and edit your team podcast utilising all those skills you have learnt  

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