Student Negotiated Pathway

Tailor the Third Term Programme to focus independently on a theme or project which suits your interests.

Key Information
  • Tailor your studies specifically for you – undertake activities outside the Third Term activities catalogue 
  • Gain credit – for additional activities you already do or planning to do, or develop a self-study project 
  • Flexible learning – work according to your own availability, accounting for 150 hours of effort
  • Bid for funding – particularly to support community engagement 
Detailed Information

The Third Term Programme gives you the opportunity to individualise your studies. The activities catalogue provides a range of different opportunities – but you may want to pursue something specific to you. The Negotiated Pathway provides you with the opportunity to do just that.  

You will propose a plan of 150 hours of self-guided work, either individually or as part of a team, to take place before the end of the Summer holidays. These hours can be made up of direct study, practice and application. Your assessment will take the form of a reflective account exploring the value and impact of this work.

Group Information 

Applications in this theme for 2020 can take the form of one of three forms, and when you express an interest you will be asked to indicate which of these groups you are aligning to:

  • Group A: Skills Development Plan. You could plan to work on a particular set of skills. This might, for instance, take the form of engagement with a MOOC and evidencing new skills. If you want to take this option, you have an initial go at completing this document and send it to for a review appointment as soon as possible. They will support you in ensuring your work is suitable before formally applying the the third term.
  • Group B: Project Work. You could spend time delivering a project. This might be a product or business proposal – or be something that benefits the local community. You can bid for financial support of up to £500 to cover material costs and this is most likely to be supported in proposals with groups of students or which deliver a social good. 
  • Group C: Crediting Your Existing Experience. If you have or are planning to do some voluntary work (including international travel), you can apply to gain credit for reflecting on the experience. You will be responsible for your own management of your experience but the Third Term team will help creating an assessment to claim credits.