Maths Accelerator

A four week intensive maths revision programme preparing for the sitting of a GCSE Maths equivalency test (at Foundation grade 4+).

Due to COVID-19, delivery of the programme has slightly changed and is outlined below:

  • Arrangements for sitting the assessment have yet to be confirmed, as this will require students on campus
  • Delivery of content is continuing but assessment be at a later date TBC
  • Commitment – Mon-Thurs between 25 May – 18 June. Twice daily content webinars will be delivered Mon-Thurs throughout the programme; these can be engaged with live or later via recording (although it is recommended not to fall too behind with content)
  • These webinars are supplemented by various formative assessment activities to ensure you are on track and understanding the materials
  • Further extension materials can be requested also, to deepen your understanding
Detailed Information
  • Delivery of preparation materials will be entirely online. Due to this there is a responsibility of independent learning to be expected by the student. 
  • A blended learning delivery model will be adapted with varying styles, including webinars, structured independent tasks, flipped learning (where work is undertaken prior to sessions) and 1:1 support appointments. 
  • Academic and Study Skills support tutors will deliver appropriate sessions throughout the programme to help support students with this change in learning style. 
  • The main content delivery will be overseen and undertaken by a lead numeracy tutor, with Maths Facilitators appointed to lead breakout sessions of smaller groups; this is for ease of delivery of big concepts but smaller, more focused groups to tackle specific misconceptions and struggles. 
  • Maths Facilitators will act as a first point of contact for a group (of up to 20) students should you have any queries regarding content or require any support with the programme (available between 10am-2pm each delivery day).