Manchester Museum

Come up with your own event to support the values of a leading museum.

Key Information
  • Manchester Museum– one of the UK’s leading university museum
  • Develop your skills – in the planning and organising of events
  • Commitment – first 2 weeks of June, working at the museum
  • 2 places available
Detailed Information

Manchester Museum is the UK’s leading university museum, with a collection of over 4 million objects from ancient Egypt to natural history.  They aim to become the UK’s most imaginative, inclusive and caring museum and their vision to promote a sustainable world and understanding between cultures has never been more timely.

With this Third Term placement, you will plan an event or series of events and activities that reflect their values, that will be inclusive for specific target audiences. You will be given support such as visitor figures and examples of past events to help you come up with your idea:

  • Consider the aims of your event
  • Target a specific audience to aim the event for
  • Market and promote your event
  • Plan the budget, funding, logistics, and how to measure the success of your event
Additional Information

You will be given a £30 stipend to cover travel costs on the completion of your activity.