Football Association Young Leader Conference

Develop your event planning skills and help develop future leaders in local sport.

Key Information
  • Manchester FA Young Leaders Academy – develops leaders to have an input in the future of local grassroots football
  • Develop your skills – in event planning and organisation
  • Commitment – 9 hours per week between 25 May – 5 June
  • 10 places available
Detailed Information

The Manchester FA Young Leaders Academy is open to 14-24 year olds and aims to help the future football and futsal workforce by providing them with development opportunities to pursue their future career goals.

With this Third Term placement, you will work with Manchester Metropolitan Sport to support the planning, delivery and running of the 2019-20 Manchester FA Young Leaders Academy Conference at our Platt Lane Sports Complex on Friday 5 June 2020.

All students involved in this opportunity will attend a training workshop prior to the conference delivered by Manchester FA and MMU Sport staff.