Amphibian Research Facility Internship

Assist in the daily care of Man Met’s amphibian collection

Key Information
  • Gain experience of looking after tropical amphibian species
  • Work with researchers to set up and run studies
  • Commitmentyou will negotiate participation with researchers, but expect to work for the duration of the Third Term from the end of May to the end of June
  • Host AcademicProfessor Richard Preziosi
  • One position is available
  • Previous experience of working with amphibians is not required
Detailed Information

The Amphibian Research Lab has been researching best husbandry practices for captive amphibians for over a decade. This work has included a wide range of areas relating to amphibian health and welfare, including diet, lighting, enrichment and reproduction. The lab houses a collection of tropical amphibian species, primarily from Madagascar and Central America. Animals are used for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies, all with the aim of improving our knowledge of maintaining amphibians in captivity. We are looking for an ETT intern to volunteer in the amphibian facility in the summer term of 2020. The role will primarily include assisting with the daily husbandry and care of the collection, as well as helping with the set up and running of research studies. Depending on the interests of the student there is also scope for running their own mini-study.