Game Making to Teach Computing

Put your technological skills to work and teach computing through digital game making. 

Key Information
  • Some prior knowledge needed – aimed at students with at least basic programming skills
  • Make a difference – by taking part in the teaching of digital skills to local young people 
  • Develop your skills – learn how to communicate your knowledge to different audiences 
  • Real-world learning – gain experience of working with technology in the education sector 
  • Commitment – You will take a 10 hour online preparation course before the 8th of June, and on campus training on the 9th, 10th and 11th. You will then need to be available wb 15th June to deliver your workshops in small groups.
Detailed Information

For many people, computing can seem daunting and alienating as it is learnt in formal and abstract ways. We will disrupt this, by drawing on young people’s understanding of common game patterns as a base for understanding coding – ‘hacking’ existing products to learn coding, rather than slowly building up competencies.

This Third Term activity also explores systems thinking with young people using games. For example, how can we make changes to a game system and find out if those changes will have unintended effects?  Because games are systems, and because they are familiar to us, they are perfect to develop the language and skills needed to understand how systems work.

In this activity, you will:

  • Complete an online game-making programme to familiarise yourself with the tools used in this activity 
  • Attend support sessions delivering an introduction to game making to other students 
  • Work in teams to develop a learning experience for Key Stage 2 pupils 
  • Deliver your game-based learning experience at University to local primary school children 
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