Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to understand the Learning Pathway offer is to follow the links through the student journey on the website. Our homepage gives an overview of what you’ll be doing. Each stage of the journey (Core ThemeProject Challenge Specialism Claim Credits) contains a short video which answers most of the reoccurring questions.

If you are following one of our more tutored activities (such as Languages, or Wellbeing) or a Student Negotiated Project, then most of the journey will be irrelevant – and your tutor will be the person to answer your questions. The only bit you need to pay attention to is the Claim Credits stage.

Below, we have compiled some of the most common questions and signposted where you might find the answers. If you are still unsure you should post a comment at the bottom of the page (you’ll need to register first), and we will respond and add to the FAQs. If your question is very specific to you, please attend one of our information sessions.

Registering and Completing

What do I need to do to complete?

A full student journey through our pathways involves studying at least one core theme, and at least one specialism – and creating a response to at least one project challenge. An overview of the student journey can be viewed in the video on our homepage.

When do I need to complete my pathway by

The Learning Pathways are flexible and you can complete them at your own pace. The only fixed deadline is if you intend to claim credits – in which case you need everything done (including your assessment) by the 25th September.

Can I enrol for more than one pathway?

Yes, you can do as many of the courses on this website as you like. Simply self-enrol for the things you’re interested in.

Help! I can’t log in?

Before you can register for any courses in this site, you will need to register using your Manchester Met email address. You can do this by following this link.

I don’t want to do my activity any more

Please fill in this form and we’ll get you removed

Credits and Assessment

How can I find out more about the assessment?

You only need to complete an assessment if you are eligible to claim credits (check here), and want to do so (it’s not compulsory!). If you are eligible, then you can find more information on the claim credits section of the student journey. On that page, you will find a ‘Third Term Assessment‘ course that you can enrol in. By enrolling on this course you let us know you intend to submit. You will also get weekly support with creating a portfolio, beginning on the 13th July.

How do the credits work?

This is explained in the overview video on the Claim Credits step of the student journey.

How can I check if I’m eligible for credits?

You can use this link to check if you are eligible for credits. This, and other information related to it, is covered on the claim credits page.

What if I’m not eligible for credits?

Then you complete everything in the pathway other than the ‘Claim Credits’ stage. Your end point will be the submission of a response to a project challenge which we will exhibit as part of a public facing portfolio of our students work.

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