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    Jane Mork

    Once you have calculated your Carbon Footprint by using WWF’s Carbon Footprint Calculator, please share the carbon reduction tips recommended for you here!

    Rose Griffiths

    My Carbon Footprint – 8.5 tonnes – Before Lockdown
    My Carbon Footprint – 7.8 tonnes – During Lockdown

    Tips for decreasing it:
    1. Eat in-season foods.
    2. Eat less meat and dairy.
    3. Add some more variety into what I am eating.
    4. Introduce cycling.
    5. Use more public transport.
    6. Drive smarter to reduce fuel consumption.
    7. Buy one expensive thing – that will last longer.
    8. Buy second hand.
    9. Switch energy providers.
    10. Use energy efficient lightbulbs.
    11. Embrace new technology e.g. smart energy monitors.


    Hi Rose,

    Thanks for calculating your carbon footprint. It’s interesting that it’s gone down during lockdown!

    Looking forward to seeing some more footprints appearing here from others engaging with the course.

    From the Third Term Team 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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