Cultural Events Management and Production @ Big People Music

Develop skills and understanding of events curation and production within diverse communities.

Due to COVID-19, delivery of the programme has slightly changed and is outlined below:

 Key Information
  • Big People Music produces cultural events, entertainment and activations for communities around the UK and beyond
  • Expand your network – meet artists, creatives, makers, thinkers and doers who are pioneering in their field
  • Gain insight – into what it’s like to work in a young and energetic company remotely shadowing creative directors and producers 
  • Commitment –  June to August, dates negotiable, remote working
  • 4 places available 
Detailed Information

Founded in 2010, Big People Music is a creative agency; producing and programming artistic events and projects worldwide. Born from a passion and dedication to discovering new music, the Big People Music collective has evolved from a group of musical tastemakers and friends, into one of Manchester’s innovative cultural events companies, using art & music as a tool for creating community cohesion and social change. 

With this Third Term placement, you will have the opportunity to learn how to effectively coordinate cultural happenings by organising events and workshops that celebrate diverse groups including BAME communities. 

The placement is working online with the creative production team at Big People Music, working on a series of PanAfrican history, heritage and culture projects.

You would get an understanding of how BPM approaches communities and how it serves their needs and requirements.

Roles and duties available include:

  • Assistant Producer – supporting the producer with project design and curation
  • Assistant coordinator – supporting the coordinator in delivering project activity
  • Workshops Assistant – assistant workshop facilitators with workshop delivery
  • Social media manager – creating content and publishing marketing materials through online platforms
Additional Information

You will be given a £30 stipend to cover travel costs on the completion of your activity.

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