Creative & Digital Placements @ Man Met

Develop your creativity to create content in a range of supportive internal university placements.

Key Information
  • You can do this – whatever your degree discipline; various opportunities some of which are open to any student
  • Valuable work experience – work in a business setting to develop your skills and boost your prospects
  • Supportive environment – mentorship from professionals from the university invested in student success
Detailed Information

As one of the city’s largest employers, Manchester Met has a full range of business functions and services – and our internal departments are keen to host students to develop their confidence and experience in support of future employment. Placements in this offer are provided by our world class departments and focus on generating digital content to support marketing and other areas.

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Groups available

During the application process, you will be asked if you have a preference in group allocation.  These groups relate to the placements available in this category, and a selection can be made from:

  • Group A: Create Marketing Content – develop branded marketing content for a university department. 1 place available – 19 hours per week – 25 May – 26 June.
  • Group B: Support Website Development – an opportunity for web development or associated disciplines to develop and improve an internal website. 1 place available – 19 hours per week – 1 June – 26 June.
  • Group C: Design an Infographic – suited to those interested in marketing or graphic design to create an infographic to communicate the last 12 months of departmental activity. 2 places available – 19 hours per week – 25 May – 26 June.
  • Group D: Produce Video Contentcreate a demonstration video to communicate how the attendance recording system works. 2 places available – 25 hours per week – 15 June – 26 June.
  • Group E: Produce Video Content – create footage of the Postgraduate offer to use on social media channels. 1 place available – 25 May – 15 June.
  • Group F: Producing Digital Content – create tailored and engaging content in the Project Management Office including blogs, vlogs, newsletters and videography. 2 places available – 35 hours per week – 15 May – 26 June.
  • Group G: Access all areas! Delivery of app-driven Library access – work with library professionals to conduct a feasibility study on app-driven access to the library. Research app-driven solutions and deliver recommendations on both user experience and technical capabilities. 3 places available – up to 35 hours per week – 26 May – 19 June.

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