Virtual and Augmented Realities

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Virtual and Augmented Reality have gained real traction over the past five years, with an explosion of consumer devices to enter virtual worlds, and increasingly stable smartphone functionality to impose additional information and imagery on the real one. They represent a tantalising creative platform and offer interesting new responses to everyday challenges, with applications beyond entertainment to everything from health and education, through marketing and product design.

I’ve built this course to try to enable as many students as possible to gain some confidence in experimenting with AR/VR platforms. It’s built on an ethos of as many cheap and easy wins as possible. I want to talk you through experiments in which you quickly hack together basic but viable AR and VR products. I’m not going to focus on sophisticated underlying understandings, I just want you to feel confident in making things, and then I’ll signpost you to places to take this further. I’m also going to try to use technologies which are as inexpensive and as available as possible – in fact, the smartphone in your pocket is the only thing you’ll definitely need (and even then, you can probably make do with a laptop).

What can you do with this specialism?

This specialism will give you enough understanding of the capabilities of AR/VR to create concept plans, and enough basic skills to create illustrative prototypes. Applications to project challenges are wide-ranging including (but not limited to), interactive resources and stories, visualisations and tours, games and so on. You’ll be able to create things that can be viewed through VR headsets, or add augmentation layers to everyday objects and environments.