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Professor Helen Laville is Pro-Vice Chancellor for Education at Manchester Metropolitan University, with responsibility for teaching, learning and the student experience across the institution. In her role, Helen is taking a key role in leading the adaptations necessary for the university to safely deliver a quality student experience in the context of Coronavirus. This involves navigating a huge range of novel challenges in relation to learning, wellbeing and social connection.

In this challenge, Helen invites you to contribute to this work: propose interesting ways of welcoming and supporting the next generation of students to the university – recognising that their ‘freshers’ experience will be far more complex than that of previous students. This could focus on students who will join your discipline or faculty, or students in general across the university. Your aims could focus on social connection, wellbeing or induction into university life. You should be mindful of the fixed challenges of maintaining social distance.

If you intend to respond to this challenge, your should enrol in this ‘course’ to signal your engagement. There are no further steps required however, and you can continue to the specialisms section