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Big Tent are a non-profit committed to encouraging civil conversation in a world characterised by schisms and hostile political divides (from Brexit to Immigration to Austerity and more). They aim to support mutual understanding and appreciation of alternative perspectives between polar positions in issues, and across democratic divides. They organise events and festivals which bring people together from across the political and social spectrum to talk. In a Covid-impacted world, they are now switching to a digital alternative…

In this video Dolly from the Big Tent sets you a challenge: “How can we encourage and facilitate conversations to bridge the political divide?” They are asking you to  think of topics which will connect and engage people and could be a Big Tent Digital digital event. All Third Term challenges will be relevant and there is no further work to do beyond the ideas you submit to the Man Met portfolio.

The Big Tent Digital events encourage people to:

  • Learn things they didn’t know
  • Challenge their own assumptions
  • Find common ground and empathy for those they wouldn’t normally agree with.

When you have submitted ideas to the Man Met portfolio, your pitch, prototype, plan or proof-of-concept can also be uploaded to the Big Tent competition page, where you will have the opportunity to work with their Programme team to turn your ideas into practice.

Showcasing Your Ideas

You can submit your idea as a pitch, prototype, plan or proof-of-concept to the Big Tent Ideas Festival , which is running a competition to find the best ideas in Britain. If you win, your idea will be realised as a Big Tent Digital Event during Autumn 2020.

For more information, please visit the Big Tent Ideas Festival website.