How to be a Community Advocate

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Do you want to know how you can be a Community Advocate and make positive, meaningful change in the communities where you live and/or work? ‘How to be a Community Advocate’ will give you the chance to learn from a number of community advocates who have worked with communities across the North to make positive change. This course aims to provide inspiration about the potential for community advocacy, to learn about the principles behind it and the steps that you can take in your communities, university and workplaces to change things for the better.

‘How to Be a Community Advocate’ author, Jonny Ross-Tatam. Jonny works part-time as a primary school teacher in Leeds and part-time as a researcher for the People’s Powerhouse. The People’s Powerhouse aims to amplify the voices of people and their communities across the North in order to influence the debate over the Northern Powerhouse and to drive meaningful change. Jonny has recently been working on the People’s Powerhouse Recovery Coalition project, in which he has listened to hundreds of people in communities across the North about their hopes an aspirations for life after Covid-19. The project is now at the stage of advocating with and for these communities to politicians and other decision-makers. In 2015-16, Jonny was the President of the Edinburgh University Students’ Association (EUSA). He is currently finishing an MSc in Social and Public Policy at the London School of Economics.
The People’s Powerhouse is a northern-wide organisation that aims to amplify the voices of communities across the North and shape the debate around the Northern Powerhouse. It aims to bring more voices into the conversation about the Northern Powerhouse and the future of the North. It does this through its annual convention and by hosting events and public conversations with communities across the North, so that they can work with them to empower communities, amplify their voices to decision-makers and drive meaningful change. You can contact them on and check out their website.