Using Rise to Support Faculty and Service Owned Activities

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Rise at Manchester Met is a university framework intended to enable students to integrate learning beyond their discipline into their academic profile. It aims to use this to enrich experience, enhance employability and provide stronger assurances of success.

The project curates a central programme of opportunities and experiences. But it is also available to any Faculty or Service as a framework to enhance their offer of experiential learning.

The purpose of this short course (we call them ‘intensives’) is to support staff in integrating planned activities into our framework to enable students to gain credits and recognition for completion.

All core information is contained in the first topic, which will take about ten minutes to complete. If you are intended to incorporate an activity into the offer, the second and third topics will then take you through the process of registering an activity, and incorporating your students into the crediting processes.

It is currently in draft, and will be released in segments over the coming month. In the meantime, please do register for the intensive and we will email you when new information is added.