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Many students can claim additional credit for experiential learning through our Third Term framework. These credits can contribute to your degree, and even your classification.

You can check if you are eligible for credits using this link – and sign up for this course using the button at the top to be supported in creating an assessment over summer.

The assessment will be focused on reflecting on your learning journey and its value to you and to potential future employers. You will submit this as portfolio with a equivalence of 4,500 words by the end of September. This will be made up of a series of short reflective pieces , for which we will provide some suggested formats.

Once you have enrolled for this course (see the link up at the top), you will be supported over the summer with the creation of your portfolio – with ‘lessons’ released regularly to help you to approach each of the learning outcomes. The schedule for these is detailed below.

The credits gained will go towards your next academic year and have the same status as any other optional unit in your course, but will be in addition to your standard 120 credits. This means that if they are better than an option, they can replace them and actively enhance your chances of strong progression and outcomes.

Of course you don’t have to claim credits! If you just want to engage with our opportunities for enrichment, then you can simply end your journey at this point. The choice is down to you.

If you have any questions about the assessment before you start, the best place to start is our Assessment FAQs page.

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