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Gaynor Anthony is Community Engagement Manager (North West) for Business in the Community, and organisation dedicated to promoting corporate responsibility. Her work involves connecting corporate agents with local communities and charities and non-profit organisations. They are currently considering ways of ‘building back better’ and using digital platforms to better represent charitable aims.

Gaynor’s challenge is to support with this mission – proposing ways of enhancing the digital presence and impact of a charitable organisation who might otherwise not have internal capacity to develop this area. Your response could be about the charity’s marketing (how do they promote themselves publicly to enable fund-raising etc). It could equally be ways of using digital to communicate their message and deliver educational, campaigning or impact objectives.

You are welcome to focus on any charity, though you are encouraged to choose a small and regional organisation (rather than the big national ones that already have digital capacity). We have suggested a set of organisations below which we would particularly like to offer focused support.

If you intend to respond to this challenge, your should enrol in this ‘course’ to signal your engagement. There are no further steps required however, and you can continue to the specialisms section