Get Confident with Coding

Learn the basics of coding in a fun setting to boost your employability.

Key Information
  • No prior experience needed – aimed at a complete novice, who wants to gain an understanding of how coding works 
  • Develop transferrable skills – an introduction to coding will help with your creativity and problem solving skills
  • Employability – boost your prospects, even if you do not become a programmer 
  • Innovative approach – hosted by the Institute of Coding, focused on a range of different languages and platforms
  • Collaborate – showcase your skills in a final group project 
  • Awards – gain external recognition in the form of a Bronze iDEA Award 
  • Commitment – 10am-3pm on Friday 29 May, Friday 19 June, and depending on your group – Mondays and Tuesdays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, or Wednesdays and Thursdays 
Detailed Information

Code is increasingly significant in all aspects of life – and familiarity with coding has broad employability benefits. Even if you never become a programmer, it is likely that your job will bring you into contact with those who are, and an understanding of coding will be an advantage. Some have claimed that as we become more dependent on IT platforms, code literacy is becoming as significant as numeracy, reading and writing. There is also an increasing evidence that coding develops useful transferable skills, ranging from logic and mathematics, through to problem solving and creativity. 

This Third Term activity, delivered through Manchester Met’s Institute of Coding, takes an innovate approach to the development of coding competence. You will learn basic coding concepts and how they are applied in different contexts, from 3D printing to app development: 

  • On-campus work will focus on understanding coding concepts as transferrable skills in a range of different platforms  
  • Develop your understanding at home through LinkedIn Learning 
  • Complete online digital badges to support you in the development of key competencies and skills 
  • Work collaboratively with a group of other students to apply your skills and develop a final product 
Group Information

During the application process, you will be asked if you have a preference in group allocation. There is no difference between the groups other than the days that sessions run (all between the 26th May and 19th June, and all between 10am and 3pm)

  • Group A: Mondays and Tuesdays
  • Group B: Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • Group C: Wednesdays and Thursdays

In addition, all students are required to attend on Friday 29th May and Friday 19th June.

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