Student Showcase

Reference List

Cormier, D. (2012) Embracing uncertainty – rhizomatic learning. [Online video] [Accessed on 7th August 2020] Snowden, D. J. and Boone, M. E. (2007) A leader’s framework for decision making. Harvard Business Review. [Online] [Accessed on 7th August 2020] Stevens, E. (2020) What is design thinking, and how do we apply it?… 30th January. …

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The Setup

Imagine that you have been given a brief to create some poetry resources, but doubt hits. How do you set up a strong feeling of connection for your participants using technology amidst coronavirus restrictions, and how do you overcome any potential technological issues? As you have probably all experienced on a personal and maybe a …

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The Struggle

My frustrations with Zoom and my lack of technological expertise led to some stress. You may empathise with this! I did not give up though. For example, I had completed an online poetry course as part of my knowledge development for the project, which contained online videos. I was thinking that this may be appropriate …

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The Solution

So, what if all the struggles to maximise connection and to use technology had been worthwhile, and the result was an effective and inspirational set of workshops? Well, thanks to my manager at work and my mentor, my finished product will help people to join in solidarity for the sake of expression, hope and exploring …

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Elevator Pitch

I am a mental health peer mentor and Education Studies student who wishes to teach people about wellbeing through an awareness of social good. I want to create some wellbeing themed poetry workshops to engage vulnerable members of the community. I will focus uniquely on not only present identity, but on forming a positive future …

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