British Education Studies Association Conference Organisation

Get event planning experience and see academia in a different way

Key Information
  • Event organisation and planning – opportunity to work on an international academic event and develop your event skills 
  • Collaborate – work in partnership with other students and academics, and assist conference delegates and organisers 
  • Industry insight – hear about the latest research in the field of education 
  • Get ahead in your studies – get ideas for future research projects / dissertation 
  • Commitment – all day during the conference (25, 26 and 27 June) and attend two pre-conference meetings between 26 May and 19 June
Detailed Information

The 16th British Education Studies Association (BESA) International Conference is taking place this summer in the Faculty of Education at Manchester Metropolitan University. You will develop organisational skills and have the chance to attend keynote and parallel sessions where delegates present their latest research work. 

Participation in this Third Term activity will be especially useful for students interested in educational research (perhaps planning a third year research project or interested in pursuing a career in research) and for anyone who wants to experience the academic world from a different perspective. 

You will be involved in the organisation of the conference: 

  • Guiding delegates through the building 
  • Providing information on the different activities 
  • Setting rooms for presentations and assisting presenters in case of technical problems 
  • You will be required to attend two pre-conference meetings to discuss roles and responsibilities 
  • You will also need to be available all day during the conference on the 25, 26 and 27 June 
Additional Requirements

This activity is particularly relevant for students from the Faculty of Education & Psychology but it is also open to anyone interested in education on social science research or event organisation.